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Month / February 2018

Weeping Well

A hole deep and dark Its depths reaching further down than the eye can see. Long ago left by its creator, the stones that line the inside keep it from crumbling in on itself.   Supported by the weight of the muck and water, the walls hold steadfast. Storms come. Years pass. Heavy rains fill […]


She sat with a knife to her stomach. The one that was usually kept under her pillow to keep the monsters at bay as she slept. The monster was inside her now. She had to get him out and no amount of purging or starving had worked.  This was the option left to her. She […]

Your Hurt

I hurt for you. With your words you told us to roar like women. When I called for you, silence.   I hurt for hurting you. Shame is not what I want you to feel. Pain is not what I want for your soul. “You did your best,” as they say. I don’t know what […]


     Am I allowed to ask? Why did you let us near them? These people that raised you with hate and taught you nothing of how to be loved. Why did you not walk away? Give us only sunshine and all of the happiness that I still see your eyes yearn for. Why did […]


         “What’s wrong with you?” It was her mother’s way of trying to get her to talk but of course like most things those days she took the question to heart and wondered as well what was wrong with herself. “You haven’t said anything the whole time we’ve been home. Did something […]

Sinking Soul

       Her father worked out of town and often. This left her mother to care for her and her two siblings. Her father’s parents moved in with them when she was three. It may have been to help with the children but remembering the tension in the home she was sure that it […]

Mindful of Monsters

     She could not remember a time when she had not wanted to be a mother. Her life had consisted of her trying to protect those she loved but she wanted more than anything to give her children a life in which they didn’t need protection. She wanted home to be the safest place […]


     A woman well aware of what the world wanted her to be, she played the role of having  it all together and she played it well. It was true that her and her husband had built the life that they were expected to want and she loved that he had created such a […]

Lost Little Girl

     She was so young, three or four, when a little girl in her neighborhood went missing. She remembered groups of her neighbors walking down the street calling out to the lost child. Men dressed in bright vests scoured backyards and ditches. There was an air of urgency in their searching. She wondered why […]