She could not remember a time when she had not wanted to be a mother. Her life

had consisted of her trying to protect those she loved but she wanted more than

anything to give her children a life in which they didn’t need protection. She wanted

home to be the safest place they could imagine and her arms to be the place they

would always come to rest.

     Now, as her babies lay sleeping down the hall she knew that such a life, one

without any fear or pain was not a life, for she had already seen them feel in such

ways. The first time her daughter cried out from a night terror or her son ran crying

into her arms from a shadow monster on his wall. She knew that she

couldn’t keep them from the tricks their own minds would play or the feelings that

would shake their small bodies to their cores. So she vowed to comfort them. To let

them tell their stories and to believe each word they spoke. As the realization

overcame her that she could not fight all of their battles she promised most of all to

help them find a path towards healing if God forbid, like her own, the monsters in

their heads ever became real.