A hole deep and dark

Its depths reaching further down than the eye can see.

Long ago left by its creator,

the stones that line the inside keep it from crumbling in on itself.


Supported by the weight of the muck and water, the walls hold steadfast.

Storms come. Years pass.

Heavy rains fill the hole until it can hold no more.

It starts to seep over its own edges,

the muck and water flow freely over the earth.


On the heaviest of days the overflow is pushed far from the filth of the hole.

Lighter days bring trickles, fighting to be the ones that break free.

The water reaches the green of the ground,

only to be absorbed back into the depths it has fought so long to escape.


Alas, this is different.

It is pulled down but no longer stuck within itself, 

swirling in the wind yet going nowhere.


Instead, this darkness uses the water to bring forth new life.

Sprouting colors towards the sun, 

sending branches reaching far into a world it has never known.


Seeing the beauty arise around it, the Well yearns to weep itself dry.

A newfound understanding of life wills it to brace though the coming storms,

knowing that from it’s squalor, life will bloom.