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Month / March 2018


I would have liked to have known you when you were a young boy. I would have done all I could have to save you.   Born into a fucked up family. Expected to win but set up to lose. No love. No room for error. Punches flew from the man he looked up to. […]

Words of Angels

It’ll be okay whispered a chorus of angels to the weeping child. Though it is not today, dear one. Angelic harmonies made her hold on through the long night, never forgetting the words of their song. It’ll be okay.

Words Come at Night

Words come at night I no longer expect to sleep The words come at night A boundless amount of them to keep   So many stories to tell I grab one with my fingers and put it to paper before it swirls back in with the rest. Rest. I thrive on so little of it. […]

She Knew

“Will you still love me if I go crazy?” she spit the words out before the fear of his answer could stop her from asking. “You’re not going to go crazy.” he said as he fought exhaustion. He seemed to shrug off her question, not realizing the intensity in what she was asking him. “Yes […]


There are the days I dance through. The days that when I breathe I can feel a rush as the air fills my body, reminding me to live. These are the days that I hold onto.   There are days that I dance across the room. My babies hold tight to my neck and lean […]

Lies of Love

Love is Patient Love is Kind But apparently loves not blind   Stand on your stage As we sit in the pew Tell us dear Pastor, What your Jesus would do.   Don’t you see the despair That’s not under your steeples? Or does your love only reach to privileged, white people?   You are […]