Love is Patient

Love is Kind

But apparently loves not blind


Stand on your stage

As we sit in the pew

Tell us dear Pastor,

What your Jesus would do.


Don’t you see the despair

That’s not under your steeples?

Or does your love only reach to privileged, white people?


You are the one that you’ve warned us about.

You are the wolf in sheep’s skin,

I won’t be apart of hate winning again.


I must walk away 

From your blasphemous lies

Tell me oh father,

why do you ignore the pain in other’s eyes?


I’ll no longer let your words

Poison my veins

Harshly aware

You’re no better than Cain.


Sending prayers overseas,

your poor neighbors well wishes.

I want my words to be actions

So call me a heretic, while I join the “bitches”


Although you taught me I’m weak

I’ve learned my strength lies within.

So while you preach your darkness,

I’ll fight to let love and light win.


Farewell to the church created

by man

I long for the day you let love in