There are the days I dance through.

The days that when I breathe I can feel a rush as the air fills my body,

reminding me to live.

These are the days that I hold onto.


There are days that I dance across the room.

My babies hold tight to my neck and lean back as we twirl together.

Their laughter mixes with the rhythm of the music

These days are filled with joy.


There are days of dancing through the kitchen.

The smell of sweet cookies and comfort baking

Mixing both memories and love to fill the bodies and souls of those I cherish.

These are the days I feel accomplished and proud.


There are days I dance, held in his arms with my head upon his chest.

Swaying slowly to sounds of our past

bringing to mind the places we have been. 

I feel safe and not insane.

These are the days of pure love.


There are days I can only crawl through.

I am depleted, alone.

Unable to fill my lungs with breath.

Scared and tired, I have failed them once again.

These are the days I fight to overcome

so that I can dance once more.