I remember you sweet girl. So lost. So alone. I felt everything that you could not and I held it deep for you.

The suffering could not touch you then, for the weight of the pain and sorrow would have crushed you. I held it off of you.

You turned to everyone that should have helped you, your eyes pleading for each breathe to be made easier. Time went on, your pleas went unanswered. The depths of your fears nearly destroyed any self love that could have saved you. I held that tightly for you.

You despised yourself. Consumed by self hatred fueled by never being enough for love. I held a place for you in the cracked shell of your own heart.

When all you saw was ugliness and you longed to be like all the bodies around you, I found beauty and saved it for you.

I could no longer hold it all sweet girl. I let go and you let me answer your pleas and learned that you had the strength to save us. I let you feel our pain so you could work through our sorrow. You slowly opened your eyes to the dim light that I’d fought to keep lit, kindling a flame into a roaring fire that burns down self doubt. We reached out a hand to be held. Forever, I will hold it for you.