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She drew colors so vibrant that strangers smiled at her brightness. Her laughter came out as giggles between grins.   She trusted wholly. She held no mysteries, nothing to reveal.   It took only an instant to diminish the light in her eyes, the masquerade of her life had begun.


Can I tell you something?   Cry. Deny. Justify. Shut down.   Please, I need to talk about this.   Cry. Deny. Justify. Shut down.   I needed you to help me. I was so alone.   Cry. Deny. Justify. Shut down. The cycle of abuse continues round.

Closed Eyes

The bright sun brings resolve, you are gone. You will never reach my soul again.   You are there smiling, in the darkness behind closed eyes. Killing me all over again.


  The secrets were the family’s alone. Bestowed upon the children as the elders whispered too close to innocent ears.

Words of Angels

It’ll be okay whispered a chorus of angels to the weeping child. Though it is not today, dear one. Angelic harmonies made her hold on through the long night, never forgetting the words of their song. It’ll be okay.

Your Hurt

I hurt for you. With your words you told us to roar like women. When I called for you, silence.   I hurt for hurting you. Shame is not what I want you to feel. Pain is not what I want for your soul. “You did your best,” as they say. I don’t know what […]

Sinking Soul

       Her father worked out of town and often. This left her mother to care for her and her two siblings. Her father’s parents moved in with them when she was three. It may have been to help with the children but remembering the tension in the home she was sure that it […]

Lost Little Girl

     She was so young, three or four, when a little girl in her neighborhood went missing. She remembered groups of her neighbors walking down the street calling out to the lost child. Men dressed in bright vests scoured backyards and ditches. There was an air of urgency in their searching. She wondered why […]