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Tag / break the cycle of abuse


Can I tell you something?   Cry. Deny. Justify. Shut down.   Please, I need to talk about this.   Cry. Deny. Justify. Shut down.   I needed you to help me. I was so alone.   Cry. Deny. Justify. Shut down. The cycle of abuse continues round.


I would have liked to have known you when you were a young boy. I would have done all I could have to save you.   Born into a fucked up family. Expected to win but set up to lose. No love. No room for error. Punches flew from the man he looked up to. […]


     Am I allowed to ask? Why did you let us near them? These people that raised you with hate and taught you nothing of how to be loved. Why did you not walk away? Give us only sunshine and all of the happiness that I still see your eyes yearn for. Why did […]