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Tag / healing

Love, Me

I remember you sweet girl. So lost. So alone. I felt everything that you could not and I held it deep for you. The suffering could not touch you then, for the weight of the pain and sorrow would have crushed you. I held it off of you. You turned to everyone that should have […]

Not Alone

Then, one day, she found her people. They asked questions their faith had long forbidden, finding answers in a new world. They let her feel her scars and acknowledged her tears. Showing her she was allowed to let go of those who had hurt her, all the while building her up with their love. Instilling in […]


There are words I cannot tell you They may break you   There are moments I will never share They may kill you   There is no blame in what you do not know Though I’ll always wonder if you do

Your Hurt

I hurt for you. With your words you told us to roar like women. When I called for you, silence.   I hurt for hurting you. Shame is not what I want you to feel. Pain is not what I want for your soul. “You did your best,” as they say. I don’t know what […]