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Tag / lost

Love, Me

I remember you sweet girl. So lost. So alone. I felt everything that you could not and I held it deep for you. The suffering could not touch you then, for the weight of the pain and sorrow would have crushed you. I held it off of you. You turned to everyone that should have […]

Words of Angels

It’ll be okay whispered a chorus of angels to the weeping child. Though it is not today, dear one. Angelic harmonies made her hold on through the long night, never forgetting the words of their song. It’ll be okay.

Lost Little Girl

     She was so young, three or four, when a little girl in her neighborhood went missing. She remembered groups of her neighbors walking down the street calling out to the lost child. Men dressed in bright vests scoured backyards and ditches. There was an air of urgency in their searching. She wondered why […]